Life is like… | September 14, 2008

another part me has decided to think something while i’m alone on way back home at business class parahyngan train.

and now here i’m staring at window train, doing some sort of contemplation (ehehe..) : a little chat with me, my self, and Him (The Almighty).

Forest Gump Moms said : “life is like a box of chocolate. you never know what you’re gonna get.” i agrre with that.

But for me, life is more like a nu green tea. (the normal one, not the no sugar, the less sugar, the honey, or the date fruit one 🙂 ). when u open the bottle, and then read what’s on the lid u will feel something:

-Coba lagi -wtf!!!

-Anda belum beruntung -Plain

-Tetep cool -Just stay cool and smile

-Gratis 1 Botol -Thanx god!

-Dapat 100rb. 1 juta, 100 juta -I’m so lucky and He really loves me

Those feeling that i got when i open the bottle also do happen in my life. Sometimes i just wanna cry, or want to kick someone ass with (or without) reasons (yeah… wihtout reasons, call me psycho :D), or even cant stop smiling, and so on.

So, whatever i (or u) feel, enjoy the drink that had been served, enjoy the sweet of life and smile 🙂
. Drink it, then find another bottle and open it….

seat 13c, Business Class 1, Parahyangan



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  1. Ow. OK. I think life is like a bitch, while you think life is like a… nu green tea?! Good 😀
    Btw, masi takjub dengan tulisan Tetep cool XD

    Comment by rika — September 15, 2008 @ 6:32 am

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