Green Pegasus

November 19, 2008


Green Pegasus is open and broad minded person. 
You are steady and calm. 
You also can show consideration to others and have a potential for being a leader.
Although you lack forwardness, you have a natural sense to read other person’s feelings. 
Therefore you posses good personal relationship tactics.
You dislike causing uneasiness between people and will try to cooperate with the others.
You like to take care of other people and are a big brother type. 
You tend to make rush promises though. 
You try to solve matters on your own, and this may stress you.
Your unique personality will attract people and helps you to make effective contacts.
You ought to live life freely without bindings. 
Your purpose of life lies in not staying in one place, and lead varied and exciting life. 
Nevertheless, you look for stability and progress in social life.
If you think too high of your own ways and thinkings, it may lead to failure. 
Interacting with other people will bring in huge success.
If you work on your own on something you enjoy, you will show great talent.

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When the first time a saw the page, i just picked up the pegasus one.after that i entered my birthdate and it showed the result.. what a coincidence : GREEN PEGASUS


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