February 27, 2009
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we are good doing among things but thing that we suppose to do


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February 24, 2009
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akhir2 ini gw tampaknya jadi lebih sering murung, diam. sampai akhirnya gw tersadar tadi pagi, pas lagi di tol, gw di tanyaian sama nyokap.


gw ngerasa jantung gw pun akhir2 ini sering berdetak lebih kencang.




is it work?

is it life?

is it love?

is it social life?

is it LFC?


is it a cardiac problem?

is it watching too many series?


or it’s just me??


dunno. i dunno the answer(s).

maybe it’s just my twenty-something, yeah.. maybe..

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Beat your heart out

February 23, 2009
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Hunt :  I can’t do this now.

Yang : i’m gonna deep pressure on you. To relax–to relax your sympathetic nervous system.

It’ll decrease your metabolic rate.

You will feel more panicked at first.

You’ll try to resist it.You’ll try to resist it.

Hunt : I don’t want this.

Yang : But eventually you will feel your pulse rate slow.

Hunt : I don’t want this.

Yang : You’ll feel your pulse rate slow.

Your breath will come easier.


Really loves this scene. now i know, how hugging medically speaks… thanks to Grey’s Anatomy : Beat your heart out.


February 18, 2009
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Jack of all trade Vs Specialization

February 17, 2009
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Which one do you want to be??

Kalo gw si kayanya Jack of all trade deh, demen ‘nyasar’ si gw. ehehehe…

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