May 20, 2010
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stands for graduate record examination. I took this simulation test couple days ago. for now on till next year, i take a preparation class for it.

is a test that actually given to the natives (english as their mother language) to know their capabilities. The maximum and  minimum score is not so important. Your score is compared with all the applicant who take the test. The test is held on annually. The percentile that counts. So, my teacher said that you no need to worries so much about the test, just be calm and hope all the applicant have a low score except you. LOL.

is a CAT (Computer adaptive test).  It means that the the question given by the computer is based on the answer given by the applicant. The smarter you are then the harder question you get, vice versa. A little tips about it : please focus more on the first half of the test. When reach half of the test, the computer is already know in what level you are. The rest is all about ‘formality.’

Consists of 3 section (issue and argument, math, verbal:antonyms, reading comprehensions, analogies, and so forth if any, since i already forget 🙂 ) and 1 bonus section. A section is a “bonus” because it wouldnt be scored; and you wouldnt be told which part of it. This “bonus” section is used by the ETS to make an improvement for the next test.

Now i’m going to explain each section.

1.Issue and argument. In Issue section, you will be given two short sentences. You choose which one you would like to comment, whether you agree or not. Next, is an argument. You will be given a short passage that explain a situation. What you have to do is make an analysis of regarding the situation.

2.Verbal. For me this is the hardest part. There is so many vocabulary i never heard before. I event dont know how to pronounce the word. But there is some tricks about it. We called it POE (process of elimination). Means that you have to guess the right answer smartly by eliminating the most probably the wrong answer. By doing this, we getting a bigger chance of getting the right answer. There are also some tips to tackle this obstacles. Categorizing the word that you know, sort of know, or never know. Make a guess by finding the roots/the family/the origin of the word so that you can possibly knows what the word means. Another tips, there is also a hit-list of word commonly used by the GRE test, you can memorize it if  you are able to do so 🙂

3.Math. The math part is general algebra, reading the chart, figure and so forth. It also hard actually. LOL

I think that all for now.

p.s : i write this post to improve my English that is so so. Hope i’ll do my best and get the green card. Amin



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May 19, 2010
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Saya ingin memberikan testimoni bahwa banyak sekali aparat yang betul-betul genuinly adalah orang-orang yang dedicated. Mereka yang cinta republik sama seperti anda. Mereka juga kritis, mereka punya nurani, mereka punya harga diri. Dia bekerja pada masing-masing unit, mungkin mereka tidak bersuara karena mereka adalah bagian dari birokrat yang tidak boleh bersuara banyak tapi harus bekerja.

-Sri Mulyani Indrawati-

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