Adrenaline junkie

July 2, 2010
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Have you ever heard the adrenaline junkie? It is an alias for people who are attracted to dangerous sports or activities. Every person has his own opinion about them but for me, I am a kind of person who supports the adrenaline junkie under one condition: they play the game safely.

Most of you maybe already know such extreme sport cum dangerous game such as: bungee jumping, sky-diving, rock climbing, rafting, and so on. Those activities are extremely dangerous. It is very not recommended for a person who happens to have an abnormal condition on his heart. Playing those games will give you sudden adrenaline pump to your body that makes your heart beats faster. That’s why we called them an adrenaline junkie; a person who looks for a sudden adrenaline pump.

What I support is the professional adrenaline junkie and I absolutely oppose the amateur one.

The professional one is an athlete or a person who already knows the risk and mitigates the risk thoroughly. Let’s take a look on the examples. An athlete of a rock climbing is well prepared before they go climbs. He sees the rock and makes a route plan. Before he starts to climb, he double check his equipment so he believes that his equipments are ready because he knows his life is rely on his equipments. He mitigates the risk of falling by making nodes on his hanger. So when he decides to climb, he is sure that it is safe to climb the rock. If accident happens, it is definitely an accident and anyone or anything cannot be taken into account for that.

On the contrary, there is also the amateur one. This person not only endangers himself but also other life. As an example, a reckless driver speeds up in a congested toll road. As you know, it is not safe to drive fast in that situation even you and your car is fully protected. The sloppy maneuver in the road can make an unexpected respond by other driver thus creating a fatal result at the traffic. Car accident is one of the types that are usually created by amateur adrenaline junkie. To sums up, I believe that being an adrenaline junkie is okay. As long as the junkie is not put his life or others life at stakes it is not a moral degradation to be an adrenaline junkie. So before you do anything “stupid” please be sure that it is safe to do that. Life is only once so we better not to waste it.

* an opinion from an adrenaline junkie that is my self 😛


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