Then be it…

November 10, 2011
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Well, this is not just a typical day. It happened again. I’m not good at it. Making things complicated. Life is already hard man, lets keep everything simple. No, i’m not talking about life something, it is my midterm exam. Haha…
Got a not good score again. Same reason as previous. Open question and I answer it simple, low score pals. On the yes/no question, i got a good score though.
Maybe later on I should learn how to write something more complicated, seems-like-a-cool-stuff, even if I know it is not going to right direction. Or maybe I just couldnt do that since I am just always living in that denial phase?

It is a learning process. You are seeking for the truth, not a justification what you believe as the truth.

At least at the end of the day I still can smile. What they judge about the question that one student asked in here and the last -really sounds a cliche- statement that my friend told definitely made me smile 🙂
Believe what u believe!