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June 10, 2012
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Cycling back home from Atlanta soapboxracer, a stranger approached me

Stranger on a bike : Nice shirt dude! Are you gonna watch the match on Monday (France Vs England)?

Me : *Stunned* Er.. Yap *Smiled*

You, sir; Just made my day. Paying a respect to a jersey that I wore with a Gerrard name on it.

You’ll definitely never walk alone sir.

Reality hurts :D

June 7, 2012

My older sister will have her journal published in August.

My younger brother are just waiting for his defense in his final project.

and I… not even a single document file is made on my desktop for the thesis.

My sister is the diligent one, my brother is not so-diligent-yet-not-so-lazy-enough person, and I… am the lazy one.

That is the reality. And I just cant stop laughing.


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