March 20, 2009

karena yang kubutuhkan untuk melepas dahaga bukanlah sebotol wine merah atau sekaleng cocacola,  namun hanyalah segelas es teh manis saja…

Been there, done that!

Do nothing on the beach, having a dinner set at the beach while enjoying the moonlight, the breeze, the ambience, having my own room at five star hotel, dan lainnya dan lainnya…

Thanks GOD! Alhamdulillah…

-Sanur, Bali-

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March 12, 2009
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March 3, 2009

taken from here http://larasatisilalahi.com/sunny-day-sweepin-the-clouds-away/

“Karena ada sisi anak-anak dari diri gw yang tidak boleh hilang. The part of me that keeps me sane during my hectic adult life.” -Larasati Silalahi-

Gila bahasanya cuy… “keep me sane” Sepakat kali pun gw. Bahkan mungkin banyak orang yang mengganggap gw anak kecil dari pada orang dewasa. haha..

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March 1, 2009
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it’s time to face the truth. just let it go. let’s move on.

The Kop Pledge

  • Always support the team, no matter how bad they are playing.
  • If the team doing badly, cheer even louder as they need your support more.
  • If a player is struggling, sing his name louder and more often as he needs it.
  • If the opposition are the better side and perform well, appreciate it and give them the credit they are due.

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